The Lonely Cat: 5 Reasons To Hire A Cat Sitter

Having a dog is very much like having a child: they need to be bathed, fed, and taught to do their business in appropriate settings. When you’re working late, you arrange for a sitter to stop by, and when you go on vacation you arrange for more frequent visits or in-home boarding. But what about your feline family members? They bathe themselves, generally self-feed appropriately, and know to use the litter box. You’re not likely to board them; cats prefer the comforts of home. Do they really need a sitter?

Well, that depends. Most cats will be just fine with an overnight on their own, provided there’s access to plenty of food and fresh water. But being left alone any longer than a day or so can be dangerous or even traumatic for your cat. It may not seem like it, but cats crave affection just like dogs and humans. After a couple of days on their own, they can begin to feel neglected. As a frequent cat sitter, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of giving your cat companionship while you’re away.

Still on the fence about whether to hire a sitter for kitty next time you’re out of town? Check out these 5 reasons it will benefit you and your cat. 

We have Atlanta cat sitting covered.

Cats are the visible soul of house as the time spent with them is never wasted.



With a sitter, you get peace of mind in knowing that your kitty is fed, exercised and safe, so you can enjoy your time as much as they’re enjoying theirs.

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